Joseph Prunner: Progressive Studies for the Double Bass by Dr. Daniel Stotz, DMA Vol. 1

Joseph Prunner: Progressive Studies for the Double Bass by Dr. Daniel Stotz, DMA Vol. 1
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The legacy of the great double bassist and pedagogue Joseph Prunner (1886–1969) includes his scale and arpeggio exercise book, Progressive Studies for the Double Bass, composed in 1955. Progressive Studies was originally written for Prunner's students at the Bucharest Conservatoire and was not intended for a wide publication. In the work, Prunner presents major and harmonic and melodic minor scales that are performed in one octave and then extended diatonically through all their modes, progressing through this pattern for three octaves, followed by a series of arpeggio exercises. These exercises are based on a modernized fingering system and are offered in the traditional positions and in what Prunner called "Fixed-Position" scales. A series of chromatic scale exercises are also included that follow the template of the major and minor scales.

The study at hand is a revision and expansion of Prunner's work. The edition presented here intends to preserve the information that Prunner provided, fix the errors made in editing, and expand the study greatly by increasing the range of the exercises, providing more arpeggio exercises, creating melodic and harmonic minor "Fixed-Position" scales and arpeggio exercises, and including the study of double-stops.

About the Author:

Dr. Daniel Stotz, internationally recognized teacher and performer was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, and has lived in the Phoenix area since 2002. He studied double bass with Gary Karr, Dr. Daniel Swaim, and Catalin Rotaru, developing equal facility in both orchestral and solo performance. He received his Doctorate of Musical Arts and Master’s degree in double bass performance from Arizona State University, and holds an additional performance degree from the University of Oregon.